Authoring my new book ‘Touching Greatness’

These are special times finishing the writing of my first book called ‘TOUCHING GREATNESS’.  A memoir compilation of the many events and people I’ve experienced in my professional and personal life over the past several decades while hopefully entertaining and informing the readers of an era gone by.  From covering the Magic Johnson HIV retirement announcement to the process of breaking impactful news stories. And I’ll be describing life in Southern California through my eyes and how it evolved from the 60’s on when watching the classic pitching tandem of Koufax and Drysdale and finding NBA/Lakers great Elgin Baylor as a teen and getting to know my boyhood idol. 

Inside stories of covering Kobe & Shaq, John Wooden, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer’s last Masters, the first Stanley Cups in SoCal history while working in L.A., the most storied radio market anywhere. Personal Super Bowl memories with Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning and his unlikely hero/teammate David Tyree, and my all-time favorite player SBI & II MVP Bart Starr. I’ve seen it all from the tennis rivalries of Sampras/Agassi to Federer/Nadal and horse racing’s Triple Crown greats Secretariat and American Pharoah. I’ll also have a special chapter on how my late uncle Carl Foreman the Academy Award winning screenwriter (Bridge on the River Kwai) was a big inspiration in my life along with many comments from those still around who worked with and for him. Also some special words from then 101 year old Kirk Douglas and the late great statesman Sir Winston Churchill.

So many stories from the Laurel Canyon music days to calling games with the ’80 U.S. Olympic hockey team prepping for their Miracle on Ice…interacting with over 750 sports Hall of Famers and having aired more than 40,000 sports updates on radio. From my decades around L.A.’s Mount Rushmore of sportscasters to the  inside scoop of my father being elected President of the old Friar’s Club card room soon after its scandal when a federal investigation landed mobsters in prison (Dad also sold peanuts and popcorn at Yankee Stadium during the Ruth/Gehrig era). From Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio to Lebron James and hundreds of other greats in between should keep your reading eyes captivated. 

Thank you as always for your support and I can’t wait to share this with you all.

‘TOUCHING GREATNESS’ is endorsed only by HOFers:

  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Elgin Baylor
  • Gary Player
  • Ron Turcotte 
  • Jim Tunney
  • Bob Miller
  • Jiggs McDonald


  • Bart Starr
  • Jack Whitaker



About Ted Sobel

Award winning sportscaster/journalist covering major events around the world since 1973. Please check out my deep audio vault and follow me on twitter (@tedsobelsports).
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