The Dodgers took game 1 but it was a GIANT WIN for everyone!

We all the know the sad story about 42 year old Santa Cruz paramedic Bryan Stow and the horror he went through after the season opener at Dodger Stadium when Clayton Kershaw outdueled the Giants. Well AT&T Park was the place where the home fans got to send their own tributes to Stowe and donated over $58,000 for his medical bills and family. And there was also a ballgame in which Kershaw once again stymied the Giants for a 6-1 win…but this one was all about the fans and how they behaved like respectable adults after a moving pregame ceremony. Both clubs gathered at the mound with San Francisco’s Jeremy Affelt speaking from the heart on how this is a great rivalry and should stay that way without anymore violence and then he was followed by more nice words from Dodgers infielder Jamey Carroll.

After the game I got reactions from the Dodgers locker room, first manager Don Mattingly…

Don Mattingly with Ted Sobel et al:

I then walked over to Kershaw and asked about the moving pregame meeting with the fans…

Clayton Kershaw with Ted Sobel et al:

And then it was on to Kershaw’s catcher Rod Barajas who hit his 2nd homerun of the year while also sharing his thoughts on how the rival fans handled themselves tonight…

Rod Barajas with Ted Sobel:

And last but not least, I had to get Carroll’s reaction to his shortened pleas to the fans (due to his friend Affelt taking advantage of his standup opportunity-but in a good way!)…

Jamey Carroll with Ted Sobel:

A couple of giant Dodger haters

And before the game, I also chatted with new Dodgers first base coach Davey Lopes and pitching coach Rick Honeycutt about their rivalry stories against the Giants back in their days…

Davey Lopes with Ted Sobel:

Rick Honeycutt with Ted Sobel:

Except for dejected Giants fans because of the loss, it was a great night to be a part of and let’s hope that the rest of this 3 game series will stay well-behaved…for that matter, the rest of eternity!

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