This time the Lakers stung the Hornets to even their series

After a lackluster loss in their series opener, the Lakers came out and trailed New Orleans early again 20-11. But they looked a little more like back to back champions in the 2nd quarter surging to their own 12 pt. lead and went on to beat the Hornets 87-78 at Staples Center and even the first round series at a game apiece.

Kobe Bryant's only made shot of the first half

Kobe Bryant decided to play more defense on Chris Paul then worry about his own scoring and CP3 ended up with 20 points which was 13 less than he had in game one. While Kobe only made one bucket before halftime and finished with 11. But it was the points in the paint differential that was the big difference tonight with L.A. winning that battle by 18 led by Andrew Bynum’s 17 and 11 rebounds, while the newly named 6th man of the year in the NBA Lamar Odom stepped it up with 16 points and Ron Artest added 15. It was another off night for Pao Gasol making just 2 of 10 for 8 points and we talked after the game about how he needs to continue to be more aggressive and get easier shots down low. The Lakers practice tomorrow and then immediately fly to New Orleans for Games 3 and 4 on Friday and Sunday. The following are the principle Lakers postgame interviews…
Kobe Bryant with Ted Sobel:

Derek Fisher with Ted Sobel:

Lamar Odom with Ted Sobel:

Pao Gasol with Ted Sobel:

Shannon Brown with Ted Sobel:

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