Torii Hunter finally gives ME ‘some’ credit for his homerun power at Angel Stadium

Torii's power pose at the 'Big A'

The Angels open up a huge weekend series tonight in Arlington, Texas as they’ve now won 6 straight since the big walkoff homer by Mark Trumbo in last week’s series finale against the first place Rangers in Anaheim. The Halos would’ve been 8 games back if they had lost that one, but instead it was 6 and since then the Rangers have lost 5 of 6 so it’s a race again in the AL West.

More specifically the Angels hot bat lately has been from their $90 million dollar rightfielder Torii Hunter who’s as well known for his Billion Dollar Smile as for his hitting prowess. And when it comes down to media-friendly athletes, there’s nobody better than Torii who I’ve been joking with almost since he came to So-Cal that I seem to be his good luck charm. I don’t cover as many Angels games as compared to Dodgers due to my much longer drive to Anaheim but when I do, Mr. Hunter tends to hit a huge percentage of his ‘Home’ homeruns.

So I finally confronted Torii after Wednesday night’s win over the White Sox in which he belted #18 on the season (and who knows how many when I’m in the pressbox?). And of course, I needed to remind him just how much of a good luck charm I really am to his game and what kind of compensation would be fair in return???? (jokingly-SORT OF)…

Torii Hunter with Ted Sobel:

Good luck this weekend back home in Texas Torii…and sorry I can’t be there to help your cause! 🙂

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