Ned Colletti says it’s time for Dodger baseball to make several tweaks!

Ethier's likely response to my asking if he wants out of L.A.?

A few of us media types met with Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti today at Dodger Stadium to get his take on the 2011 season and beyond. And interesting timing as it was shortly before his owner Frank McCourt failed again to convince U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Gross that he needs documents about other Major League Baseball teams. Gross said he would issue a formal ruling in a day or two but said he did not anticipate reversing his previous order denying the Dodgers access to confidential financial data involving other teams.

What this now means is that Frank is running out of legal brick walls to run into and sometime next year he will have to sell the team like it or not? (That’s after several likely lawsuits involving MLB, his old lawyers, dealing with Jamie, etc., etc., etc. of course)

Here are the 17 plus minutes we had with Colletti where I got several questions in regarding how the team nicely responded to manager Don Mattingly late in the season, the needs for next year (including Andre Ethier’s sensitive mindset these days), the Kershaw/Kemp affect, and if the club can actually spend any substantial money for next season? After asking him about the $, your guess is as good as mine…

Ned Colletti with Ted Sobel:

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