USC would prefer as little Luck as possible on Saturday vs. Stanford

Having lunch with Luck at Pac 12 media day

After really giving it to Notre Dame at South Bend last weekend, USC is now home to 4th ranked Stanford on Saturday night. The 8 point underdog Trojans will be facing the most hyped college quarterback since John Elway (ironically also from Stanford). Andrew Luck who’s deserved every ounce of praise that’s come his way, will be looking to get his Cardinal to 8-0 and remain in the hunt for a BCS bowl game.

I had lunch at the same table as Luck during Pac 12 media day and it was fun conversing with such a down to earth and personable guy who at this time next year will be a mega-millionaire NFL quarterback with likely a verrrrrrrry bad team! He not only was quite humble (as the all-world QB that he is), but a class act who looks you right in the eye when speaking with you (you could easily say very Peyton Manning-like, which is a total compliment!).

Since I’m doing the early morning shift all this week on KFWB, I’m not able to get to USC practice so I got in a couple of questions for SC head coach Lane Kiffin during his Pac 12 conference call. And then his dad Monte (Trojans defensive coordinator) called me today (Wednesday) and we chatted about the game ahead and facing Luck on what is often a ‘Letdown’ week after such an emotional win over the Irish. It will be very interesting to see if USC can avoid that pitfall and play on as they have the past few weeks on the road.

Of course, who else than one of the most highly respected D-Coordinators of all time to ask about one of the most highly regarded college quarterbacks ever? So I appreciate Monte being so gracious with his time for me. He’s my regular go-to-guy after practice each week as he’s the most engaging of the Kiffins. I chatted with him for about a half hour the day they took over at USC 2 years ago and I couldn’t help but ask if Lane was adopted because they cannot be related? At 71, Monte has the more kid-like enthusiasm while his kid acts like an old man sometimes. So when he gets animated over any of my questions, he’s often among my favorite sound bytes of the week. I love it when he said that Luck should’ve gone to the draft so that his guys wouldn’t have to prepare for him this week! Can Luck be stopped? Good luck to the Trojans dee, if you’ll pardon the expression! 🙂 Enjoy…

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Lane Kiffin with Ted Sobel:

Monte Kiffin with Ted Sobel:

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