Week 13 was a lucky one for the still perfect Packers and they’ll take it!

The Green Bay Packers went into Giants Stadium a touchdown favorite to get to 12-0 and they found a way to get it done (although a few key breaks from the officials didn’t hurt either).

Two plays that stood out to me were the Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings touchdown pass that Jennings seemed to bobble (as if he had oil on his fingers) on his way out of the end zone and somehow it was never reviewed and stood for 6 pts. on the scoreboard. The other was the late 4th quarter Packers 3rd down in which Rodgers got sacked for a big loss but a phantom illegal contact penalty was called against the Giants to give Green Bay a free first down to help their overall cause. NYG did tie the game late with a nice 2 pt. conversion but Rodgers showed his last minute magic with a few perfect throws setting up the game winning chip-shot field goal by Mason Crosby.

The defending Super Bowl champions won their 18th straight and coupled with the Detroit Lions loss to New Orleans on Sunday night, the Packers captured the NFC North and joined the San Francisco as the first two teams to clinch divisional titles and trips to the playoffs.

So the Pack remains unbeaten and if they can beat Oakland at Lambeau Field next Sunday, the following week I’m supposed to get Mr. Rodgers on the phone for a nice chat before they head to Kansas City for their final road game with 14-0 looking very promising. We’ll discuss that interview in due time but for now, enjoy listening to our longest NFL Sunday Wrap up show of the season on Sports USA after the doubleheader that first had the Patriots put away the sorry 0-12 Colts followed by the 49ers shutting out the 2-10 Rams.

NFL Sunday Wrap on Sports USA with Ted Sobel/Brian Golden:

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