I’m BAAAAAAAAAAACK, with some March Madness (Chevy style) just for you!

Sorry that’s been awhile since I last posted anything here due to techical difficulties with audio issues. But I’m back this week to inform you that I’ll be doing live NCAA basketball tournament updates every hour (on the half hour) on KFWB Newstalk 980 starting tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 9:30 pacific time until 6:30pm and then again on Friday from 9:30am-9:30pm. And our tournament coverage is “powered by your Southern California Chevy Dealers” so you can thank them for this opportunity to keep you up to date with all that’s happening in the ‘Big Dance’.

Looking at some first round possible upsets, I like Long Beach State over New Mexico although it doesn’t help that my 49ers (I called LB hoops when Coach Tex Winter ruled the bench) senior captain Larry Anderson’s knee injury has him doubtful, but I am going with New Mexico St. to beat Indiana, Ohio to top Michigan, Belmont over Georgetown, and give Montana a shot to beat my Wisconsin Badgers (I called UW Hockey games many moons ago). If for nothing else, take the underdogs in all of those matchups if you have a betting interest and enjoy the ride.

My final four picks are Kentucky, Missouri, Florida St., and North Carolina with UK to face UNC in the finals. My heart is with neither so I’ll have to go with the team that has the most ‘now’ NBA guys–Kentucky to win it all.

Good luck with your brackets and/or your hopeful money making plays!

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Award winning sportscaster/journalist covering major events around the world since 1973. Please check out my new book 'Touching Greatness' and deep audio vault---and follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@tedsobelsports).
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1 Response to I’m BAAAAAAAAAAACK, with some March Madness (Chevy style) just for you!

  1. mike garai says:

    hey Ted,

    Are you ok? Haven’t seen you post here in a while.

    == Mike

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