Home Sweet Home needs to fit for the Clippers…it’s Lawler’s Law!

These may be few and far between in this series

These may be few and far between in this series

The Clippers have been the talk of the town this season for local basketball fans but now they must walk the walk (and not just dunk the dunk) as they open their first round playoff series on Saturday night at Staples Center against the always tough (in more ways than one) Memphis Grizzlies and with a 7 game winning streak going in. Both clubs were 32-9 at home and 24-17 on the road this season but that’s old news now. And the Clippers need to show more of their 17 straight wins team as opposed to their mid-season lackluster go-through-the-motions version.

ZeBo vs. Griffin, hopefully a healthy ‘Mr. Big Shot’ vs. his ‘ol Detroit championship buddy L.A.’s own Prince named Tayshawn, Jamaal shooting and Conley’s passing, and the other Jordan and the other Gasol…all fun guys to watch in this series but as Coach Vinny has told me a few times, it comes down to a better team DEE (especially vs. the 3) and the famous Chris Paul offense that will make the difference. Or simply put–as CP3 goes–that’s where his Clippers will go!

BUT, the Griz will be growling even more than usual coming into this one losing out on home court advantage mainly because of their recent home loss to the Clips. And let’s not forget about last year’s Poster Boy choke of chokes, blowing that 27 point lead in their series opener in the greatest 4th quarter comeback in NBA playoff history before finally being sent into the golfing season by the Clippers in a home 7th game. Can you say major REVENGE???

Before the 2nd to last regular season game, I had a few minutes to chat with the Clippers legendary play by play guru Ralph Lawler who always speaks his mind (the way it should be) and I wanted to get his feelings on these playoffs as compared to last year’s for his beloved Clips?…

Also excited but for a totally different reason is Clippers rookie guard Maalik Wayns (who I’ve told to his face is simply the best of the Wayns’ brothers). How about just getting signed for the rest of the season and having the opportunity to be a part of a very special locker room? Well whether he plays any minutes at all, what an experience for a first year guy…

Oh me oh my…this ought to be one tight gritty physical series and my prediction is…the Clippers in 7 (or possibly 9 or even 10). Enjoy folks and remember that every game can be heard on my radio station KFWB Newstalk 980 starting with Saturday’s pregame Lob City at 6:30pm.

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