The Angels continue to struggle and Skipper Scioscia SPEAKS

In the new pressbox which is closer to the foul pole than home plate!

In the new pressbox which is closer to the foul pole than home plate!

On my way down to the Ducks Stanley Cup playoff game in Anaheim, I stopped at Angels Stadium to get a few minutes with Angels manager Mike Scioscia. His over-priced roster is not living up to their expectations (an understatement) for a 2nd straight year still just surviving well under the .500 mark, so I needed to go to the source and one of the best skippers in the bigs and see where he’s coming from?

Mike doesn’t often reveal too much of his true inner feelings but it doesn’t mean I can’t try…and I did ask if he’s feeling the heat personally now with such another slow start? However he responds though I always like speaking with Sciosh, who’s one of the real good guys anywhere.

Mike Scioscia with Ted Sobel:

It’s not a good sign when your starters on back to back nights are Joe Blanton (0-4) and Jason Vargas (0-3). BRUTAL!!! Good luck tonight against the O’s Skip.

Oh and by the way, am I the only human who thinks that the best trade of the year would be Scioscio for Don Mattingly? Mike is a National Leaguer who still thinks the game that way, and Donny is an American Leaguer who would fit great with the Halos and handle any ego that doesn’t live up to his hype or paycheck…besides it’s a personal pleasure professionally for me to deal with both of these true gentleman. THINK ABOUT IT and let me know if I haven’t totally lost it! 😉

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