The Clippers exit the season with major questions hovering

What's left of the Clippers season, my empty seat in their media area.

What’s left of the Clippers season, my empty seat in their media area.

The Clippers are done but at least they hold a new NBA playoff record as the first team to ever win the first 2 games of a series and then lose the next 4 by double digits…obviously something that nobody’s proud of. Just hours after being eliminated in Memphis, the Clips were back home doing their exit interviews knowing this would be the last time they’d be together as this collective team before changes will be made. And it really was a very special locker room that will be hard to duplicate. Of course, they’d take a lesser group and an NBA title.

The big question is, what will their club look like next season? Will Chris Paul re-sign longterm (if not they’ll be taking several gazillion steps backward), will they re-sign head coach Vinny Del Negro, which of their 6 free agents will remain in Clipperland including Matt Barnes who we spoke with today not knowing if he’ll be leaving for a 10th NBA club?

CP3 was still shaking his head in disbelief when I asked him how he ever got ejected in last night’s game 6 when he said and/or gestured nothing to the refs. He looked me right in the eye and basically said…your guess is as good as mine (smartly avoiding any fineable comments).

For whatever reason, Jamaal Crawford, DeAndre Jordan, and Lamar Odom were not made available for us to speak with…but here are the 6 who gaves us their thoughts as they headed into the golfing (or fishing) season.

CP3 chats with us about his future (photo courtesy of Ralph Lawler's facebook post)

CP3 chats with us about his future (photo courtesy of Ralph Lawler’s facebook post)

Chris Paul:

Blake Griffin who we got to laugh a few times about what happened the past few days:

Caron Butler:

Chauncey Billups who’s not ready to hang up the sneakers just yet:

Matt Barnes who ended his season after a playoff career high of 30 points:

Grant Hill who’s not sure if he’ll play again or serve slurpees (which he likes):

Coach Vinny is set to speak with us on Monday morning as we get to play Monday morning quarterback (or point guard) with him…and then who knows?

The Clippers made huge strides this season winning the Pacific Division for a first time, they set records with overall wins, home and road, and it was a fun ride while it lasted. But the bottom line is that Lob turned into ‘Sob City’ very quickly something that I reminded everyone of these guys that we all can’t get up in the regular season which only sets up the playoffs…guaranteeing you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

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