Hello Blogosphere-I’m finally here!

Browns-Texans in Cleveland 001

Thanks for checking out my new sports blog which will regularly include my latest assignments covering some of the big sporting events along with interviews from some of your favorite athletes…and even your not so favorite ones.  I’m heading to the Super Bowl tomorrow (weather permitting), so this is the perfect time to share my chat with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (recorded 2 days after he beat the Bears for the NFC title).  And specially for you Green Bay fans, I’ve included a sit down interview with the late Packers receiver and broadcaster Max McGee (from 2004) as we discussed his career, catching the first pass in Super Bowl I after his carousing around L.A. the night before, the famous Ice Bowl game, etc.   Enjoy reminiscing and have a ‘Super’ weekend!

Aaron Rodgers:

Max McGee:

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Award winning sportscaster/journalist covering major events around the world since 1973. Please check out my new book 'Touching Greatness' and deep audio vault---and follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@tedsobelsports).
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1 Response to Hello Blogosphere-I’m finally here!

  1. mikewillman says:

    Loved the interview with Max McGee Ted!! What a sincere, genuine guy and a learned quite a bit about his background as well. GREAT JOB!!

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