‘March Madness’ is officially upon us

Cheering on the Pac 10 tournament

The Pac 10 hoops tournament took over Staples Center this week and our locals could only squeeze out one win between them with USC beating Cal and UCLA losing to Oregon. Afterwards I was able to get Trojans coach Kevin O’Neill one on one in the locker room to talk about his team peaking at the right time and his thoughts on getting into the real tournament.

Kevin O’Neill:

My KNX mic flag's view of the Pac 10 tournament

Unfortunately for O’Neill he got involved in an altercation with an Arizona booster later that night which cost him a one game school imposed suspension and his Trojans then lost to the Wildcats. But the good news for both So-Cal schools is that they’ve made it onto everyone’s bracket sheets and have their chances of advancing in this ‘who knows?’ post-season of college hoops.

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2 Responses to ‘March Madness’ is officially upon us

  1. mike garai says:

    so usc gets to play vcu in dayton….if they win they play georgetown a couple days later in chicago….a tough task ahead for them

    ucla gets to play mich state in tampa…..the brackets are making it tough on the pac-10 so cal teams…..

    • tedsobel says:

      Mike, the So-Cal teams get what they deserve for being mediocre for too much of the season! At least they’re both playing well lately (not counting their last games of course) and this year it’s so wide open that the term major upset is in itself over-rated. May the best (and luckiest) become the national champ as March is still the most fun tournament of them all-despite the few great players left in college hoops making it mostly a non-interesting story during the regular season.

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