He’s not annoying, he’s just Coach Van “Fun”dy!

Sports Illustrated just sent me today their latest NBA Players Poll on “Which coach is most annoying during games?”. Unfortunately it wasn’t available yesterday because almost two-thirds of players selected the Orlando Magic’s Stan Van Gundy (65%) as their runaway ‘winner’ and I can only imagine his reaction if I would’ve had the opportunity to ask him about it after losing to the Lakers last night? I can guarantee his response would be anything but annoying-try entertaining! (you can hear Coach Stan speak in the previous post below) And it’s always worth the time to hear New Jersey’s Avery Johnson’s reaction to anything-I’ll have to find my favorite Coach Avery’s passionate enunciation of ‘TRANSITION DEFENSE’ and post it for you here asap. Now that’s a sound byte!

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Award winning sportscaster/journalist covering major events around the world since 1973. Please check out my new book 'Touching Greatness' and deep audio vault---and follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@tedsobelsports).
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