Hey Paul Olden, what’s YOUR opinion of Kingman’s performance on your birthday?

Paul in 'the House that Ruth built'

March 14 is not only the start of hoops madness but it’s also the ‘umpteenth’ (at least) birthday of my longtime friend and colleague Paul Olden who’s now in his umpteenth life as the public address announcer at Yankee Stadium and currently enjoying the Florida sun working the Yankees home spring training games in Tampa. I thought it would be a fitting tribute (and a wonderful birthday gift!) to bring back Paul’s most infamous moment when back on (so appropriately) Mother’s Day 1978, he asked then Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda “What’s your opinion of Kingman’s performance?” after Dave Kingman had destroyed Dodger pitching with 3 homers (including the winning 3-run shot in the 15th inng), and 8 rbi’s in a 10-7 Cubs win at Dodger Stadium.

King Kong crushes the Dodgers and Olden's postgame performance

I’ll never forget that night as Paul called me asap to explain the un-explainable as a young reporter who got blind-sided by this verbal barrage and I knew immediately what his opinion of the moment was…it was ‘F&#&in Horse$#!t’… so here’s the complete un-edited and un-bleeped volcanic moment that is forever etched in baseball lore…and remember to put the ear plugs on the little kiddies in the room or else they will never be the same…(also listen for the last reporter who finally gets his appreciative postgame quote, you gotta love his patience!)…

Paul and Tommy at their postgame best:

Happy Birthday Paul…and mannnnnnnnnnny more! (and I already know your opinion of my belated birthday wishes!) šŸ™‚

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