Happy Birthday Blake Griffin and thanks for the joke, I think? (lol)

I entered the pre-game Clippers locker room at exactly 6pm and spoke to a few of the guys to get their impressions of Blake Griffin’s personality and sense of humor away from us media types and he got some high praises as I expected. But what I didn’t know until starting forward Ryan Gomes told me after I had spoken with the others, was that it was Griffin’s 22nd birthday (which bothers me to this minute on how we could’ve had more fun with that too). At least I finally got a joke out of Blake although admittingly he needs some work on his delivery and content as the aspiring young comedian that he is…sort of (lol). The following is our little chat along with the sitting nearby Clippers forward Ike Diogu (who you can hear laughing at us in the background), who told me earlier that Griff does a bad impersonation of him so I got Blake to do that for me too. Enjoy it, hopefully while eating some of Ike’s popcorn (only available at popconcorn.com) as you’ll learn more about that as well when you listen…

Blake Griffin and Ike Diogu with Ted Sobel:

The following clips (literally) are the other pregame comments I received in the locker room about Griffin’s true personality including starting guard Ryan Gomes, Diogu, and new teammate Jamario Moon…

Clippers Gomes, Diogu, and Moon:

Unfortunately it turned out to be an ugly birthday night for Blake Griffin losing to the Sixers by 10 points in a game that they never really threatened to win. Hang in there Blake…and actually it’s probably a good time to cheer up and read more of those jokes that you’ll be memorizing for me…hopefully? lol 🙂 But seriously folks, thanks to Blake Griffin for being such a good sport and sharing his fun impersonation of teammate Diogu. I actually thought it was quite good and we may just have a new Vegas lounge act in the making…and then again, maybe not!

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