Here’s hoping that Blake Griffin is all dunks and jokes tonight at Staples!

It's Blake's turn to make us laugh!

I’ve been waiting since a few games before his long ‘Grammy road trip’ for Clippers all-star Blake Griffin to show us some of that locker room personality he promised me after I gave him a big thick book with over 7,400 jokes in it (which he told me that he had read plenty of on the trip) that covers almost any subject you might imagine? If you are not aware, this all stems from an L.A. Times article that labeled Blake as a boring non-personality during his postgame interviews so I took the initiative to get him to prove otherwise. Two times since he’s been back in town after wins, Griff said he could only remember the dirty jokes (that he of course wouldn’t repeat for me into my recorder). So tonight against ex-Clip Elton Brand’s Philadelphia 76ers is my first game back to see what our new ‘Standup flying-dunker Comic’ has for us folk who have a sense of humor? And remember that you can hear the game on KFWB Newstalk 980 beginning at 7pm with the Clippers pregame show. I’ll try to see Blake before the game to get something (anything) from him or else it will have to be after the game (and of course, we’ll need a Clippers win to understandably get a joke out of him then!).

Wish me good luck as we’ll all be better off for it with laughs galore hahahahahahahahahahaha! šŸ™‚

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