Phil Jackson retires (again) while Kobe Bryant and his Lakers family think about a much longer summer than usual

Looking up at Coach Phil Jackson for the last time

Today was the final exit interview day for the Lakers and the last of our season ending interviews with Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Matt Barnes, general manager Mitch Kupchak, and Phil Jackson who ends his 20th season of NBA head coaching on a sour note.

Phil Jackson last newsconference as coach of the Lakers with Ted Sobel:

After our little chat, Phil shooks hands with many of us in a nice exiting gesture as he walked back towards his office like an old cowboy riding off into the sunset.

Kobe Bryant answers all questions in our exit interview

Kobe Bryant with Ted Sobel:

As Kobe began to leave the room, I tapped him on the shoulder and jokingly asked if the rumor about his wife Vanessa shopping some kind of reality show was true? And he just was Kobe being Kobe when responding with “first those stupid rumors about Pao and me and now this one?” The answer was a very emphatic “Fuck No!” and he then laughed it off with me, winked, said have a nice summer and off he went. So that clears up that question and please don’t ask me to ask him about that again, ok?…thanks!

Lamar Odom with Ted Sobel:

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak with Ted Sobel:

Taking memorable pictures at Phil Jackson's final Lakers exit interview

(picture courtesy L.A. Times)

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