TS talkin’ sports tonight with JT on FSR

After receiving some wide spread attention for simply doing my job and passing sports interviewing 101 in Miami by asking Lebron and company if they ‘Choked’ the NBA Finals this past Sunday night…I got a call from Tomm Looney an old colleague of mine at KFWB Radio several years back, and he asked me to come on his national Fox Sports Radio show with Host JT The Brick to discuss that and other sports stuff.

It’s not often that I meet up with someone as passionate as I am about sports and how it works, so it was fun to chat with JT for the few minutes that we had and hopefully we can do it more often as I enjoy his work…and I don’t give cudos out easily.

The following is our entire on-the-air phoner …

Ted Sobel on Fox Sports Radio Network with JT The Brick:

And you can catch JT The Brick and his sidekick Tomm Looney Sunday-Thursday 10pm-3am Pacific Time on Fox Sports Radio…and I should at least plug my own gig too now and then! 1 minute sports updates on KFWB 980AM in L.A. usually on Thursdays and Fridays from 10am-2pm at about 2 mins. past the top of the hour in each hour’s newscast right after traffic (that’s when I’m not covering some sporting event during the rest of the week from anywhere on this planet?) . You can also hear many soundbytes from my personal interviews on KNX 1070AM Newsradio’s sportscasts at :20/:50 minutes past each hour.

About Ted Sobel

Award winning sportscaster/journalist covering major events around the world since 1973. Please check out my new book 'Touching Greatness' and deep audio vault---and follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@tedsobelsports).
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