The Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup while I was higher than all of them thinking NO, not another choke!

The Bruins are flying high like old times!

Wait a minute…how many times must I use the word CHOKE in one week? And I’m not even in Vancouver to ask their goalie if that was the appropriate term to use tonight? Sound familiar??? LOL

I’m currently flying back from my trip to Florida and just got online to find out that the Boston Bruins spoiled an enormous party in the entire province of British Columbia with a 4-0 bagel over the stunned Vancouver Canucks who’s fans now must be thinking a Stanley Cup is an impossibility after another game 7 finals loss! I’m not surprised that the B’s won it but it’s how they won it that is phenominal. Once again proving my longtime theory (along with many others) that home ice is only as good as winning the battles on the ice-and it doesn’t matter which frozen pond you’re on. And that’s after each club was a home ice winner in this series, too. Really a game 7 road shutout win is all you need to know about that!

And the other thing you need to know is that old goalies can be clutch goalies as 37 year old Tim Thomas appropriately made 37 more saves to become the first NHLer to ever record a road game 7 shutout and after dealing with him these past few weeks-it really couldn’t have happened to a better guy! He’s your deservedly runaway winner of the Conn Smythe (Finals MVP) trophy and really NOBODY else comes close!

Once again, for a 7th straight time in these finals, the winning team scored the first goal of the game. And once again it was an up and down Roberto Luongo in goal for VanCity as he picked a hell of a bad night to be down again! So ‘LOU’ goes from King of Canada with an Olympic gold medal in Vancouver to goat cheese…on an awful way to start the golfing season for the proud Nucks. And I personally feel bad for 2 longtime friends, Canucks assistant coaches Darryl Williams and Newell Brown who must feel sick right now. At least Newell won a cup in Anaheim but ‘Willie’ was after his first in only his 2nd year as an NHL assistant-you talk about heart-breakers!!

Certainly congrats to the Bruins fans who’ve waited 39 verrrry long years since the grand old days of Bobby Orr (as in the famous 1970 Cup winning picture above) to enjoy another Stanley Cup, while Canucks fans were one game shy of getting a first cup in their 40th NHL season. And to think about the celebrating that would’ve gone on in all of B.C. and many other parts of OH Canada? But instead, the Canadian drought has stretched to 17 years since Montreal beat my L.A. Kings and ‘The Great One’ thanks to some clutch overtime goals, Patrick Roy standing on his crown, and a McSorley curved stick for the ages.

Oh how I would’ve loved to have been there in person tonight but I can’t make every damned finals games on the planet-can I? (I am returning from the NBA finals in Miami you know?). Bui It just would’ve been so amazing to witness a city celebration like few others but instead…maybe it’s better afterall that I’m still on a plane writing this. What a downer it must be to see all those Canucks jerseys and paraphernalia be worn in vain.

Next time send a limo and private jet for me Canucks…I got you a 2-0 finals start but you couldn’t finish the job without me! It’s still one of my favorites cities on the planet-just still Cup-less…that’s all! And to think that another American team with an American goalie (Thomas) took the Cup away from an entire nation of Puckheads! Maybe a little payback for the ‘Red, White, and Blue’ after a Vancouver Olympics loss to Mr. Luongo?

And now to find out that some rioting has begun in that beautiful city with so much passion that was suddenly burst out of their balloons? Those drunken hooligans need to be caught and serve time behind bars–and not the ones they just left drinking in! It’s a total disgrace to the city, province and entire country of Canada and another example of negative publicity to the sport of hockey that usually only gets national coverage down under in the U.S. when a big fight breaks out–unfortunately this is a brawl for the ages and something so barbaric that it’s an unthinkable act! And in this new era of cellphone cameras and as I call it (the anti-social media), every loser involved in that riot is likely on camera somewhere so lock them up and throw the key under a tree in Stanley Park so they’ll never find it again!!!

So let’s praise the Boston Bruins as the new Stanley Cup Champs while the previously favored Canuckleheads (after blowing a 2-0 series lead) are the chumps of Canada (not as much as their local rioters of course)…and what a waste of all that Molson’s!!! 😦

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