Talkin’ All-Star baseball with the Dodgers and Angels

your Dodger all-stars show off their garb

The MLB All-Stars were announced on Sunday which was great timing for me to be at the finale of the Angels-Dodgers freeway series in Anaheim. Off to the July 12 mid-summer’s classic in Phoenix from the Halos will be starter Jered Weaver and second baseman Howie Kendrick. The Dodgers will be represented by first time all-stars lefty Clayton Kershaw and centerfielder Matt Kemp who was voted in by the fans as a starter.

I spoke with all of the So-Cal all-stars to get their reactions just for you…

Jered Weaver with Ted Sobel:

Howie Kendrick with Ted Sobel:

Clayton Kershaw with Ted Sobel:

Matt Kemp with Ted Sobel:

There’s also one roster spot left open for the final vote which L.A. fans (what’s left of them) hope to get Phoenix native Andre Ethier to be a 2nd time all-star in front of his homies. And Andre not only was excited for his 2 Dodger teammates but also in a seller’s mode to help get the votes needed by Thursday afternoon through little ‘ol me…

Andre Ethier with Ted Sobel:

Before the game in our usual dugout get together, I asked Dodger manager Don Mattingly about what he remembered from his first all-star appearance…and he just loved the white shoes worn back in the day. Donny Baseball also praised Kemp and Kershaw while lobbying for his right fielder Mr. Ethier to make it to Phoenix…

Don Mattingly with Ted Sobel on his first all-star game, etc.:

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