I’ve got your Dodger exit interviews before the season ends-not bad, eh?

Since the Dodgers are officially playing out the string and since I’m busy doing my Sports USA Radio NFL games on Sunday and then off to Canada next week for few days off, today was my last chance for any Dodgers exit interviews before their season ends on the road.

So I got to Dodger Stadium during batting practice and spoke with manager Don Mattingly to get some thoughts on his rookie season in charge with all of the turmoil in the owner’s box. I also sat down with pitching coach Rick Honeycutt to discuss his entire staff, some expectations for next season, why Clayton Kershaw should be the NL Cy Young award winner and just how Kershaw has joined the elites of the game with one bigtime season?

And if you haven’t heard, longtime Dodger P.R. guy Josh Rawitch announced this week that he’s leaving for a similar position (yet a promotion) with the Arizona D-Backs, so I thought you might like to get his take on the McCourt situation and how he feels about leaving his dream job?

It was also fun to see should-be Hall of Famer Maury Wills for the first time this season as he promised to get together for a round of golf sometime soon. And I finished the night by saying my goodbyes to the few media types left in the pressbox (for this meaningless late season game against the Pirates). But the best was saved for last when I walked into Vin Scully’s booth to wish him a nice off-season. He asked why I couldn’t make it during the week’s final series against the Giants? And I told him I was off to Calgary with a stop in beautiful Banff for the week. Vin then remarked that he’d never been there but knew of it’s gorgeous surroundings and that he wanted to hear all about my trip when I got back. Of course, I won’t likely see Vinny until next spring…so I can’t wait to share the pictures when he’s back for an amazing 63rd season!

Play ball, but not for much longer Dodger fans…

Don Mattingly with Ted Sobel:

Rick Honeycutt with Ted Sobel:

Josh Rawitch with Ted Sobel:

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