Here’s a King-sized hockey home opener for you before heading to the World Series

Playing center with the 'Triple Crown Line'

It’s that time of year again so I thought I’d leave you a little puck to chew on before flying to St. Louis in the morning (Tuesday) to complete my ‘Media Grand Slam’ at games one and two of the World Series.

Kings center Jarret Stoll took a few minutes after practice to call and tell me about his trip to Europe along with thoughts on their eastern U.S. pair of games, and Tuesday night’s home opener against the Blues. How ironic it is that I rarely miss the Kings first home game and here I am likely to watch it in my hotel room in St. Louis. Of course I couldn’t let Stolly get away without making his World Series prediction after seeing him earlier this year throw out a first pitch at Dodger Stadium. And I am impressed with his knowledge of both the Cardinals and Rangers, too.

And to fully explain completing what I’ve coined ‘Media Grand Slam’…I’ll be reporting from the World Series in St. Louis after covering the Super Bowl in Dallas, the Stanley Cup Finals in Vancouver and the deciding game 6 of the NBA Finals in Miami (and yes, Lebron it was a choke!) all in the same calendar year. And the amazing part of this is that not one Southern California team was a part of any of them. Definitely a very rare feat for a local radio guy who was very fortunate to pull this off. But after this, I’m not planning on traveling any further east this year than the 57 Freeway to see the Ducks skate or on Figueroa to see the Kings and/or the Lakers (if we all live that long?).

You’ll next hear from me in the midwest after I try a little down home St. Louis BBQ…Can’t wait! And if you have an suggestions for places to chow down at in that neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to message me here, thanks! 🙂

Kings center Jarret Stoll with Ted Sobel:

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