My ‘Grand Slam’ is complete but damn it’s cold here in St. Louie!

I am totally World Serious!

Before the Heat choked themselves into a long off-season

Before the Stanley Cup runneth away in Vancouver

At Super Packers celebration

The World Series is underway and there’s no way they were going to play his thing without me. After almost coincidentally working the Super Bowl in Dallas, the Stanley Cup finals in Vancouver and the NBA finals in Miami the past several months, I simply decided that a perfect ending needed to become a reality by covering all 4 major events in the same calendar year (certainly a rarity for a local and not national radio reporter-and much more rare without ANY of my local teams involved).

And who knows when or if I’d ever get this opportunity again? So here I am in very cold St. Louis where the windchill dipped during tonight’s Series opener to 41 degrees. Fortunately I was prepared by taking my true winter coat on the trip and all is good (I think?). Hey if some of the players can play sleeveless out there, it’s the least I can do…right?

Like the last few weeks, the Cardinals found another way to win as Temecula’s Allen Craig pinch-hit for ace Chris Carpenter and delivered a go-ahead single in the sixth inning which stood up thanks to the Cards bullpen and closer Jason Motte who saved the day in the 9th inning. I spoke with both of those guys and other key members of the series opener making this miserably cold and damp night in St. Lou worth it all. The following is a taste of the atmosphere for game one (and my self proclaimed ‘Media Grand Slam’) while giving you a little flavor from the ultimate baseball city. These fans eat, drink, and sleep the Cardinals so after a Series opening 3-2 win, they are in “red heaven”!…

Allen Craig with Ted Sobel after his game winning pinch hit:

Cards closer Jason Motte with Ted Sobel after save:

Cards all-star Albert Pujols with Ted Sobel after game one:

Cards shortstop Rafael Furcal talks as ex-Dodger with Ted Sobel:

Cards 2nd baseman Ryan Theriot another ex-Dodger with Ted Sobel:

Cards 3b David Freese with Ted Sobel after game one win:

Cards hitting coach Mark McGwire with Ted Sobel after win:

Rangers leadoff man Ian Kinsler with Ted Sobel after loss:


Awful early pregame conditions

A gloomy start to the World Series

Grounds crew hard at work early pregame

Pregame ceremonies

Michelle Obama on the hill during pregame

Carpenter pitches to leadoff man Kinsler in the 1st inning

Cards Lance Berkman knocks in first 2 runs of the World Series

My first view of the arch and Busch Stadium, Thanks Mr. Pilot

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