What a great finish to game 2 and my trip to St. Lou!

Busch Stadium shines like few others

It was looking as if the Cardinals were heading to Texas with a surprising 2-0 series lead. That’s certainly what you pay your closer big bucks for when expecting him to shut the door and save a 1-0 9th inning lead in the World Series. But Noooooooooooooo…Jason Motte got himself in a jam and his manager Tony LaRussa wouldn’t allow him to battle out of it and the Rangers went on to steal a 2-1 win and go home in a 1-all series.

I spent 99% of my time in the winning Texas locker room afterwards so I was not aware of Albert Pujols snubbing the media gaff, but I did run into the last Cardinal player left in the room David Freese and he showed his class by giving me a couple of minutes well after the game. And so the series is really on now without me as I’m out of here in the morning. But I will be reporting on it from my KFWB microphone on Monday filling in for our verrrry early morning sports guy Bret Lewis at 5am….

Rangers SS Elvis Andrus with Ted Sobel after scoring winning run:

Rangers Michael Young with Ted Sobel after winning sac fly:

Rangers game 2 starter Colby Lewis with Ted Sobel:

Rangers game 2 winning pitcher Mike Adams with Ted Sobel:

Cardinals 3rd baseman David Freese with Ted Sobel after loss:

My final minutes at Busch Stadium with Stan 'The Man' Musial

It was fantastic drama-BUT for those of us who have to give you a nice detailed 30 second voicer right at the end of the game…I had to re-write like my pants were on fire! No problem, all is well as I head home for my NFL Sunday on Sport USA Radio done with another World Series and the completion of my first ‘Media Grand Slam’ (Super Bowl, NBA/NHL Finals, and the Series in the same year). Dammmmmmn…that was fun to do! 🙂

completing 'The Slam' in St. Lou

Among some other experiences this week was running into old friend Orel Hershiser on the field before game 2. It’s the first time I ever noticed him wearing his Dodgers’ 1988 World Series ring. He told me he never used to wear it but decided to about 5 years ago after often being stopped and asked where he keeps it? So it was only fitting that he showed it off to all of us here on my blog. It’s strange to say that the picture of me (click to enlarge)interviewing Orel was taken 23 years ago when he earned W.S. MVP honors. It’s also the same season when I took him aside during the spring ‘Freeway Series’ against the Angels when strongly predicting to his face that he would win the Cy Young award that year-and it came true! I’ve only done that one other time with Brett Favre, with that story left for another time.

See you back home in L.A….

with Orel showing off his '88 World Series ring

talking with the "88 WS MVP (courtesy of Jon Soohoo/Dodgers)

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