The Angels signing Pujols and the Lakers almost getting CP3 was one whacky Thursday!

Kobe still has the touch after the long lockout

My radio alarm clock woke me up on Thursday morning with Dan Patrick’s words that the Angels had signed Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson which had me thinking I might still be dreaming? And it wasn’t long after when I arrived for my shift at KFWB the report that the Lakers had acquired Chris Paul from New Orleans for Gasol and Odom and it was non-stop from there.

And then by the time I was heading home later in the day, NBA Commish David Stern had nixed (not Knicksed) the deal and all I could think about was dealing with Pao and Lamar during Friday’s opening day of Lakers training camp.

Kobe walks off the court to meet us media types

It never mattered though with L.O. not staying around for practice and Gasol leaving out the back door early for no media contact. So instead we got reactions from some of the players including Kobe, who took the matter in stride (at least for the moment). And what a media zoo it turned out to be, maybe the largest turnout I’ve seen for a non-playoff situation ever?

I usually can get a few one on ones during these sessions but could only squeeze out one with Luke Walton who’s fresh from his bried coaching stint as an assistant at Memphis University.

Enjoy the banter and there’s plenty of it for what was one of the strangest first days of camp in recent memory…

Kobe Bryant with Ted Sobel et al:

Derek Fisher with Ted Sobel et al:

Andrew Bynum with Ted Sobel et al:

Ron (Meta World Peace) Artest with Ted Sobel et al:

Luke Walton with Ted Sobel:

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