PLAYOFFS?!!! UCLA football is just trying to win more than 6 games!

Jim Mora hopes his UCLA cap fits like he's supposed to in his new job

I wrote it here first the day that UCLA fired coach Rick Neuheisel. Former Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora was my choice to replace Rick but I really never expected to hear his name come up in the process. Then a few days ago a report surfaced that Mora was being strongly considered and I thought, Wow…what a genius Bruins A.D. Dan Guerrero turned out to be!

Well Mora and his family were introduced to us media types in the J.D. Morgan Center on campus and now it’s up to Coach Jim to make Guerrero and I look good and not forever live that decision down. I’ve discussed the fact with several folk that a true WOW factor hire with any available coach was not in site as Vince Lombardi and Bear Bryant are long gone and no other man seemed perfect for the situation in Westwood. So why not Mora, who at the age of 50 seems and acts younger with the enthusiasm that I believe is more condusive to the college game than the NFL. (sort of Pete Carroll-like but I hate to compare…even though I will anyway!)
They were both heavily pro and not college raised in their professional coaching and Pete’s style worked like no others at USC, so why not Jim in Westwood?

Dan Guerrero and the Mora family ready for their newser under THE Bruins legend's signature

I thought the Bruin faithful would not only like to hear from Coach Mora and new boss Guerrero, but also Mrs. Shannon Mora who will give you an insight to the man she married 3 decades ago.
And after speaking with Shannon, I almost might’ve chosen her over her husband with a refreshing down to earth enthusiastic charm, although I have no idea about her X’s and O’s so we’ll stick with Jim (for now!).

And I still say that bringing in the elder Jim Mora as an assistant coach or iconic recruiter would be a great idea for the new Bruin family. Could you imagine him trying to close a recruit with ‘PLAYOFFS?…Don’t talk about playoffs, let’s talk about Bowl games as in the Rose Bowl or even BCS (which UCLA isn’t even close to sniffing at this point).

Good Luck to the Moras and welcome back to So-Cal where Jim was born and now where he gets to make a mark that could put him into UCLA lore or just as a footnote to the post Neuheisel era…

Jim Mora responds to Ted Sobel question BCS or PLAYOFFS?:

Jim Mora post-newser with Ted Sobel:

Dan Guerrero with Ted Sobel:

Mrs. Shannon Mora with Ted Sobel:

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