Aaron Rodgers speaks the pursuit of perfection-with a westcoast flavor!

Aaron wants a 2nd Lombardi trophy to be a perfect one!

Let me stress that it’s not easy for any local reporter (and certainly not two time zones away) to get a phone interview with possibly the best quarterback in the NFL. And you have no idea the time demands that burdens these guys with media constantly trying to get something from them on an almost daily basis. So it’s always special to get to speak with Cal product Aaron Rodgers who I established a little rapport with during his early days as Brett Favre’s backup in Green Bay.

It all started when I walked up to his locker (when few gave him any attention those days) while covering a game in San Diego, introducing myself as an L.A. reporter who happened to (at the time) work for the Dodgers flagship radio station KFWB. His eyes lit up and I remember him screaming ‘Yeah, Dodgers Baby’! Little did I know that Aaron had struck up a friendship with the Dodgers 3rd base coach who had introduced him to many of the players at Vero Beach and he became a solid Dodger Blue fan (not bad for a guy from Northern Cali).

We kept up our friendly working relationship throughout the following years as he’d come on with me as my baseball playoffs analyst along with of course tidbits on what was happening with his Packers while he rode the bench waiting for his chance to follow a legend.

Well did he take advantage of that as we all know, not only as the reigning Super Bowl MVP but this time sitting at 13-0 and going for the first perfect 19-0 season. Or will Rodgers actually play much at all in the final games should Green Bay clinch home field thoughout the NFL playoffs with a win on Sunday in Kansas City or a Monday night home loss by San Francisco against the possibly Ben-less Steelers?

We cover all of that and a whole lot more in our chat including a few So Cal related thoughts on the Lakers losing out to the Commish in the Chris Paul dealings, who he’d like to see as the next Dodgers owner, concussion issues in sports, how Tebow-mania is taking attention away from Green Bay, and of course plenty of Packers insight.

Last season I got the first phone interview from Aaron after he beat the Bears on his way to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas where I was fortunate to work the winning locker room. And maybe (if I’m extremely lucky) we can repeat similar this season and how amazing would that be if the Pack was 18-0 at the time? Ironically I also worked the Super Giants winning locker room after they stunned the almost perfect Patriots in Arizona so maybe there’s a little reverse karma working here—and then again, maybe not? 🙂

Enjoy what’s currently on the mind of #12 from an L.A perspective-sort of…and good luck Aaron in your pursuit of history and a chance to finally shut up the arrogant 1972 17-0 Dolphins…

Aaron Rodgers with Ted Sobel:

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