Chris Paul joins Blake Griffin as the 2 most humble stars in L.A. you’d ever want to meet!

They're all smiles in Clipper Nation

What a nice and refreshing introductory newsconference it was in Clipper-land with Chris Paul moving to L.A. in a style that Lebron James could certainly learn from. I’ve only dealt with Paul a few times previously (including when he was with the U.S. Olympic team practicing in Las Vegas before leaving for China), and he impressed me even more when getting a chance to look directly into his eyes and see the fire and sincerity of the man. And most importantly how truly humble he is and how he appreciates what he does for a living (similar to his new teammate Blake Griffin).

First I asked CP3 during the newser if he had been dreaming about turning some of his lob passes into mystifying Griffin and DeAndre Jordan Hollywood style dunks? And then he complimented me for asking about his ‘totally healthy’ knees after some off-season rehab. He also proved to be quick-witted when immediately asking if I wanted to play him 1on1 to prove his knees are ok? Unfortunately I would too much need to prove that my knees, lungs, legs, and most other body parts are still attached and working! 😉

Chatting with CP3

I then briefly spoke with Paul 1on1 and he again started by complimenting my question which few others would ever do. I also got reactions from very happy coach Vinny Del Negro (who admitted to me that he expected to get Paul in a trade), and his V.P. of Basketball Operations Neil Olshey who’s made some fantastic deals to put this team on the map for the first time in many moons.

CP checks out his preferred #3

It seems surreal that many are now asking if the Clippers are better than the Lakers…but I guess that’s what happens when CP3 was supposed to be in purple and gold before the Commish put the kybosh on that deal before sending him Clipper Nation…and the amazing thing is that Paul seems actually ecstatic about it!…

Chris Paul with Ted Sobel during his newser:

Chris Paul with Ted Sobel 1on1:

Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro with Ted Sobel:

Clippers V.P. Neil Olshey with Ted Sobel:

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