No Bull-The Lakers are actually in the 8th playoff spot with 18 to play!

The between games changeover to Clippers hoops has begun The between games changeover to Clippers hoops has begun…

To begin a long day for me of NBA doubleheader basketball at Staples Center, the Lakers put away an injury depleted Chicago Bulls squad 90-81 despite some putrid shooting streaks that saw them end the day making just 5 of 26 three-pointers.

Either way the Lakers were all smiles in the postgame locker room and the following sound is for you to digest as they’re now 2 games over .500 for the first time this season before hitting the road for the next 3 games starting in Orlando on Tuesday night. Of course it’s also the first return there of Dwight Howard since he left town in a most uncomfortable way. I’ve compared it to Lebron leaving Cleveland after his ‘Decision’ incident as Dwight’s ‘Indecision’ which caused him to look as bad as it turned into. I asked several of the guys to comment on Dwight going home including Kobe who laughed it off as something that should hardly be emotional. In other words-Mr. Vino won’t be handing D-12 any kleenex tissues to cry into anytime soon.

Your hopeful playoff bound Lakers—
Kobe Bryant having fun again including putting himself in Howard’s shoes going home:

Dwight Howard with finally a reason to smile before facing mucho booing in Orlando on Tuesday night while still calling me ‘Shorty’ referring to me needing apple box to get this interview done:

Steve Nash admits it’s strange to finally reach a playoff spot in March:

Antawn Jamison talks newly found chemistry and Howard’s return to Orlando:

Earl Clark looking forward to their 3 game roadie:

Jody Meeks looks ahead to having his bags packed this week:

A fun sidebar–I ran into Chicago all-star Joakim Noah on his way out of the building and I asked him how his famed tennis father Yannik is doing? He said all is well and that his dad now lives in South Africa. So I asked him why there and Joakim responded…it’s a great place to be away from people-chuckling off into the fray.

The Clippers and Detroit Pistons are next–hopefully they won’t charge me rent here tonight!

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