Don Mattingly talks Dodger baseball from every angle

Mattingly thinking only about 'baseball moves' from the dugout

Mattingly thinking only about ‘baseball moves’ from the dugout

The Dodgers started today with an extremely disappointing 20-27 record and in last place in the N.L. West 6 full games behind the co-first place D-Backs, Rockies and hated Giants. And their 7-14 record this month is on track for the worst May in L.A Dodgers history (11-17). But through all of this frustration and turmoil after very high expectations (about as high as their major league highest payroll) Dodger manager Don Mattingly continues to plug along as usual with an even keel that Coach John Wooden (one of Don’s Indiana homeboys) would be proud of.

The Dodgers were a positive group today coming off a nice 5-3 win over the St. Louis Cardinals and with their ace Clayton Kershaw on the mound trying to lead them to their 4th series win in the last 5. But all is hardly as rosey as Mattingly would like it to be in his clubhouse considering the usual injuries and day to day junk that he has to deal with. And that’s besides the constant asking about his job status by us media-types something that I brought up again (in my first Dodger game in a few weeks) along with questions about Matt Kemp (who got the day off after getting benched last night in a Mattingly late game double-switch), Andre Ethier’s regular attitude issues, and just trying to get through this rocky stretch that includes the suddenly hot Angels the next 4 games.

The following is our entire chat (about 25 minutes worth) with Mattingly during his daily pregame exercise in the Dodgers dugout:

If you haven’t learned more about where Mattingly is coming after all the questions we got in today, then you just didn’t listen very carefully. Thanks for stopping by either way.

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