Jerry West speaks Northern Trust Open, Lakers, the NBA playoffs, and even Tiger Woods

The PGA Tour announced on Friday that Northern Trust had extended it’s contract to be the title sponsor for the Northern Trust (L.A.) Open for another 4 years through 2016 at storied Riviera Country Club. And for the 3rd straight year NBA legend and Laker great Jerry West will continue as the tournament’s executive director and the face of an event that has grown to new heights during his leadership (and a must go if you love golf and live in So Cal).

'The Logo'

Jerry was kind enough to call me today to discuss his great tournament along with the Lakers situation and the NBA playoffs. And as always ‘The Logo’ wasn’t shy with his comments about Phil Jackson going out on a downer, Andrew Bynum emarrassing the organization, the Lakers coaching situation and who he likes to win it all in the NBA. We also covered Tiger Woods health situation as few would know more than Jerry (as a Hall of Fame basketballer and 3 handicap golfer) as to how injuries can affect an all-time great in his quest to stay there!

Enjoy my chat with Jerry West and please tell your friends to listen in as well. Please mark this site on your favorites list as I’ll be interviewing most of your favorites eventually and you won’t want to miss my often candid chats with them. And comments are always appreciated, thanks…

Jerry West with Ted Sobel:

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5 Responses to Jerry West speaks Northern Trust Open, Lakers, the NBA playoffs, and even Tiger Woods

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  5. John Lee Hooker says:

    Ted-Your questions to the Miami Heat last night were AWESOME! Finally someone asks what we all want to hear. And that gum chewing! Loved it man!

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